We’re adventurous

We’re beautiful

We experiment

We learn new things

We’ll find the money

We’re specifically digital (and mostly mobile)

We’ll talk some trash (but we’re probably right)

Shore Thang Media is led by creative entrepreneur Zachary Elliot. A Los Angeles native and world traveler, Zach is quick with a joke and an honest opinion.

Zach is currently leading a medium-sized team of digital pros to support a small, but growing handful of exceptional internet personalities.

No matter what content talent creates, customers always push for more risqué. So, as a company philosophy, we encourage our talent to set their own comfort limits.

If you’re insta-famous and still somehow broke, probably you should contact Shore Thang right now.

“Shore thang” is  slanguage that refers to someone who is attractive and would be a good match for a romantic or physical relationship. The term is often associated with beach culture and the idea of a perfect, idealized body shape.

However, it’s important to note that there is no one specific body type or appearance that defines a “shore thang” or a model associated with this term. Beauty standards and preferences vary widely across different cultures and individuals, and there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what makes someone attractive.

That being said, in mainstream media and fashion, models are often chosen based on certain physical attributes that are considered desirable at the time.

A Shore Thang grrl is usually curvy, younger, and uniquely hot. The fashion and modeling industries are starting to embrace a more diverse range of body types and appearances, largely due to the popularity of exclusive content, and there is now greater representation of models with different body shapes, skin colors, and backgrounds.

Media Mentions


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