Brielle Pace is Brianna Schison

Brielle Pace

Greetings from Mexico City, friends. It’s been five months down here and it’s debatable that I’ll ever return to the states.

My German cyber stalker remains at large in the Fatherland, Niki Peacock is next to be brought to justice, but I bring to you another story — this one of beauty, riches, treachery, adventure, and of course heartbreak.

This is the story of a failed starlet.

Shore Thang has rules for a reason. All our talent are asked to sign a morals clause in their agreements which prevents poor communication, manipulation, and publicly shocking behavior.

In this story we’ll answer important questions:

What happened to the Brielle Pace YouTube channel?

How did all the rats disappear from one Canadian province?

What really happened to that 250k CAD sent north to Canada?

In May 2020, two months after my divorce from Ally, I met a unique Canadian during outreach for Quarantine Selfies.

Her name was B. She was a bit of a criminal, but I didn’t know it yet. is only $14.95 to join and features thousands of pics and vids.

In the two years that followed, I was involved in one of the most complicated relationships in my life. It cost my company $250k Canadian dollars.

That’s the sad part.

The happy ending is how we caught her and the content we created along the way.

The savage twist is that she’s totally ok w/ me posting this.

But first, a little back story…

I regularly do outreach to popular and/or attractive young women on social media to bring new talent into the business.

In May 2020, B and I connected on Instagram to discuss submitting content to one of the Shore Thang websites.

According to local Canadian legend, there are no rats in province of Alberta.

After two and a half years dealing with people from the province, I assure you there are.

B was hesitant, to say the least. We had B film one try-on in June 2020, when she was 17. She also shot a few selfie sets for

The first try-on haul featuring “Brielle Pace” originally posted in June 2020.

For the next five months, B and I grew closer, texting everyday.

I began supporting her and we agreed to meet in Los Angeles, when the border between Canada and the US would open.

My first goal with B was always to work with her, because I thought her curvy bod and stripper-core aesthetic were perfect for Shore Thang.

I also thought I was lucky to know an oddly introverted, but beautiful Alberta person. I blinked my eyes as the summer of 2020 raced by and in early October we had been talking everyday for like 4 months.

But there were red flags. A lot of them.

Starting in October 2020, B broke a verbal agreement to come to LA in exchange for me buying her a used twin-turbo BMW. This was after she directed me to block multiple females I was talking to.

Brianna Schison
B with the first car I bought her, a 2009 BMW 3 series, twin turbo.
  • Ten missed flights
  • More than 20 broken verbal and written agreements
  • Money stolen or scammed under false pretenses for personal gain (She and a friend made accounts on, trying to scam other, older men out of money)
  • Money stolen or scammed from legitimate business agreements (missing receipts, lavshing overspending)
  • Hidden and blocked social media accounts, for the purposes of living a double life

And you would think, for as many business, personal, and ethical rules that were broken along the way, I would learn my lesson.

I did not. Some people was accused me of being smart. After this ordeal, I would argue that sometimes, maybe, that is true.

Even before our planned Edmonton trip in August 2022, B demanded $25,000 CAD for a Mitsubishi Evo before meeting. Her second car.

During the trip we saw each other in person, but B avoided me the entire time, while requesting astonishing amounts of money for herself.

Brianna Schison
B, in front of the Empress MacDonald in Alberta, after spending more than 7K CAD at the West Edmonton Mall at retail shops like Michael Kors, Lous Vuitton, and Canada Goose.

Also, after a long time resisting creating content for Shore Thang, we finally came to an agreement to buy mods for her car, in exchange for 9 months of content. Her content started kind of tame and bad, but near the end, it was clear that my instincts about her look were totally accurate.

Brielle Pace is a bombshell. B was a handful.

Brianna Schison
B’s second car, a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, with a full mod kit and custom purple wrap.

In an age where seemingly every young woman and her step-mom are on OnlyFans, B apparently wanted nothing to do with it — a nice surprise.

Creating content did not start smoothly…

Brianna Schison and Brielle Pace are the same person
Day one of making Brielle Pace content, Fall 2021

To say was difficult was an understatement. B is the streotypical passive-aggressive Canadian.

She also got upset by very small things and would block me unbelievably quickly — text, social media, calls.

But I always wanted to keep her in the mix, to see if she would break out on YouTube, TikTok, and/or Instagram.

B is probably diagnosable as a covert narcissist, meaning an introvert who needs a lot of attention, accuses others of things she does, is deeply conflict oriented, and has a super high opinion of themselves. The worst fear of any narcissist is being exposed. I made one of her infamous toxic emails into a gym shirt.

I remembered back to the first missed flight to LA.

As precaution, I then reported B to IC3, but the amount of her criminal activity fell below an internal threshold they maintain to allow for a full investigation.

As you might have guessed, I foolishly continued to support her.

The fact was, it was hard to do. End things…

As much as every person in my life gave my significant warnings about her, I liked B.

We texted all day everyday. She was a pal, a person who didn’t really talk about anything, but seemed to always want to be in touch by text.

We had to work out complicated, elaborate agreements for content to cover the money she claimed to “need.” These agreements we made to both support her as a personal and professional connection.

Later in December 2021, B claimed her “feelings changed” the night before a second planned trip to Edmonton. I planned to be in Alberta for two weeks. This change of hear happened almost imediately after I spent $12k CAD to move B there from Northern Alberta to Edmonton.

I was crushed.

It wasn’t until later that month that I found out about “K,” and some of the lies and weird behavior began to make sense.

Brianna Schison and Ian Kenneth in Grande Prairie Alberta
B and K in Alberta on December 25th, 2021. Supposedly, B was loyal to me since May 2021, and we had a signed written agreement to support her, but the social media accounts she hid from me told a totally different story of duplicity, betrayal and months of shady behavior. She later admitted to a months-long intimate relationship, while being fully financially supported.

Did I stop supporting her after discovering the truth about her secret relationship? No.

I accepted a blanket excuse whereby she claimed to only post a picture of K to upset her sister and they “just started talking.”

This was the biggest and reddest of red flags, and ruined the second Christmas in a row we were supposed to spend together.

Our argument after this went on for weeks, spilled over to the domain of Suzanne our attorney, who became frustrated w/ B to the point of refusing to talk to her — too difficult.

Eventually, we agreed on a make-up trip to the Bahamas. Stupid, I know, but I wanted to keep B in my life and continue working on content.

B is beautiful and toxic. When we arrived in Nassau, I saw a sign at the airport that tried to warn me, yet again.

“I am the woman to blame.” — local Bahamian saying

During our the Bahamas trip, B demanded a separate room for her and a friend. She again avoided me the entire time.

We had one super fun day feeding pigs on Rose Island, but the rest of the trip was mired by toxic arguing, avoiding me, and more demands for money.

I decided to fly home a day early.

B’s reaction was predictably toxic and she missed her flight and demanded I put her and her former best friend up in a hotel room.

Did I stop there? Nope.

I offered B $6,000 CAD to fly to LA in April 2022, with the same friend, to try to work things out. After arriving at LAX and receving the $6k, she immediately demanded Lakers’ tickets and refused to spend any time w/ me.

I booted B and her friend out of their hotel room, in Santa Monica, that same night.

This was our dynamic.

I regularly stood up for myself and was regularly gaslit into believing that I was wrong or did something terrible.

Bottom line, if you don’t love me by now, you never did and you never will.. the amount of care, compassion, patience, and respect I have shown you is far more than you deserve

You have lied, cheated, and stole over 200k cad worth of money from me and two full years of my life

You are a criminal. The current medical research says that even if you go to therapy, you will only polish your manipulation skills and become more effective at criminal behavior

The only mystery left is why so I consistently find my way into relationships with deeply scarred and selfish ppl.. that one I’ll have to figure out in my own

— April 2022, email excerpt, from Z to B.

Eventually, in April 2022, I did some legal research w/ the help of an attorney in Alberta that we call the Calgary Cowboy.

He was able to turn up dark family secrets about B’s family. His history of repeated run-ins with the law.

Since finding out her family history, it made sense that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Later that year, my attorney and I came up w/ the idea that we would tell B two things:

  1. I was broke
  2. I was reconnecting with my French-Canadian ex

The point would be to gauge her response.

What I’ve learned from other dark personalities is that the amount of energy needed to overcome lies and bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than the original bullshit.

There are still rats in Alberta, they just catch you by surprise. They “need” lots of money and don’t take Covid-19 at all seriously (B caught it four times).

It wasn’t all a scam.

If I backed off for more than a few hours, B usually texted me. We both knew and regularly shared personal details from our lives — though one of us was more forthcoming that the other.

That said, this was clearly never an intimate relationship and we were never able to establish trust for longer than a week or two.

The decision to end all forms of our relationship came after it was revealed that the Mitsubishi Evo my company purchased for her was used to wiggle her way into the Rat Racers, an Alberta car club and catch attention of yet another Filipino boy.

Brianna Schison and Rhomark Visaya of Red Deer, Alberta
B with her second, secret, Filipino boyfriend, in mid-Sept 2022

For the second time, B made her way into another secret intimate relationship. Again, I supported her for months before finding this out.

Even after I uncovered her treachery, B continued to ask for money, all the way until her 20th birthday, in mid-October 2022.

And even after finding out this heartbreaking news, you guessed it, I tried to win her back.

Eventually, a decision was made in October 2022 to completely remove Brielle Pace from Shore Thang. Her YouTube channel was rebranded into Spicy TicTaks.

Brielle’s YouTube channel never took off. In Fall 2022, my accountant warned me that the investment in B was not paying off.

We eventually killed Brielle Pace’s place in Shore Thang because we had to. The idea of Brielle and the reality of B were just too far apart.

We have rules for a reason and B broke every single one of them.

The rats in Alberta want cars, mods for cars, hair appointments, nail appointments, and an endless parade of attention they are not prepared to recipricate. These rats lie like its their first language.

Although Shore Thang’s investment in Brielle was not successful, we did create a lot of content. is a gorgeous website, with more than 16 months of spicy pics and videos.

Next time you visit Alberta, watch out for the rats.

B liked to have cash and often flaunted it in her VSCO grid
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