Grace Taylor and her horseback riding situation

Grace Taylor: The Equine Enthusiast – Exploring Her Passion for Horseback Riding

Grace Taylor is a beautiful, leggy American model and an emerging content creator who is known for her beauty and passion for horseback riding. Long and lean with fashion model dimensions. Standing at six feet tall, with legs that go on for miles, Grace has the classic fashion model figure.

As lean as she is tall, Grace Taylor is also naturally curvy. She is over six feet tall and has a double d cup size. Grace Taylor is a fresh, new, young model with a naturally buxom, hourglass figure. She is a twenty year old new model and content creator. Grace has big beautiful brown eyes framed by beautiful brows, long lashes with full, bee stung lips. Her lovely face with high cheekbones, is framed by lush, medium brown hair with glowing, beautiful smooth skin. She has naturally full lush and plump lips. Her lovely cheekbones to not require contouring makeup to bring out, as is the current makeup trend.

Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor mugging about with her horse

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Grace Taylor out on the farm
Shore Thang model Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor’s cheekbones are naturally high and are the focal point of her beautiful features. Grace models bikinis and try on hauls for Shore Thang, where she is an emerging, talented new content creator with a rising following on social media.

Her biggest passion is horseback riding. Grace Taylor owns a prized Arabian stallion and towers over everyone around her, while riding.

ALatina Beauty with an amazing, naturally curvaceous figure, Grace Taylor and is a natural when it comes to modeling swimwear. Grace loves to model fashion as well which her tall, six foot frame is perfect for. You can find her modeling fashion try on hauls in her YouTube videos for Shore Thang.

She models fashions from brands like Fashion Nova on YouTube along with creating content. Grace has big expressive, beautiful eyes which are framed by a full set of double lashes. She has naturally, full pillowy lips and a full, natural big DD, bust line and a round derrière. Grace Taylor enjoys modeling swimsuits and her great figure makes for a great model. Grace has a sweet personality with a lovely smile.

Grace Taylor is a true American Beauty. “Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile” is what Grace Taylor says, as she smiles her beautiful smile at the camera. She has the sweetest personality. Grace Taylor is on instagram as @grace_taylor_xoxo, where you can find her modeling bikinis and various fashions. She also posts pictures of her adorable puppy dog named Koda whom she just adores and who loves her! Grace is an animal lover that especially adores horses.

She is pictured with her beautiful Arabian Stallion in her Instagram profile.

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