Mila Santos

Mila Santos

Mila and I first connected over Instagram and discussed an introductory shoot. She was 22 at the time and working toward getting more acting work.

At first, I thought we would be a good fit to work with because I have some many friends and connections to the worldwide Jewish community (Mila is half-Jewish, half Brazilian).

I came up with her nickname, Brazilianaire.

We only created content together twice; once at my former Brentwood Penthouse, once at a rented apartment in Hollywood.

Our 35mm film work really shines, but after a few tense interactions, we both were pretty much done working together.

Based on this business relationship, as well as issues with several other of our talent, it was decided that we probably shouldn’t sign Americans.

I’m a high energy person who lives a flagrantly outside the lines of any sort of traditional lifestyle. Eventually, pretty much everyone who works with me ┬áneeds a break.

The average time for our Canadians and Europeans is about one year.

We haven’t had one American who’s lasted longer than three months. American exceptionalism!

In my experience, Americans have significant ego issues. It’s part of the culture. Generally, if you’re born in the US, you love to enforce the rules, but hate to follow the rules.

My digital experience is vast and it’s rare that there’s a problem we encounter that can’t be figured out.

Working with many prominent social media figures in a short timespan has resulted in quick lessons. Thanks to some of these less than ideal business relationships, we know what to watch out for.

I’m glad Mila and I took enough pictures together to have a solid body of work to look back on. Mila has her own unique look, but fit right into the Shore Thang line up. Her curvaceous figure is extraordinary. Just like all our talent, she is, was, and will likely continue to be a Shore Thang.

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