Lauren Burch Tiktok

How TikTok Works

Canadian model/YouTuber Lauren Burch is a great example of the core TikTok demographic

First, thanks to our influencer biz, I’ve watched Lauren Burch grow substantially on TikTok in a super short amount of time. The growth of her account (Lauren had 46K followers, when I started writing this) is probably due to her being amazingly attractive and to TikTok’s remarkably magnetic recommendation algorithm.


Second, the vertical user interface is truly legit. Yeah, Snapchat had it first and Instagram effectively copied it in Stories, but Tik Tok’s vertical navigation is smooth, seamless, and makes full use of the screen of my iPhone XS Max.


Earn a few repeat views and TikTok’s algorithm will trickle your video out to a wider test audience. Get a few likes, plus a comment or two, and the algorithm will serve your video to a few thousand people.