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Kendra Rowe

Kendra Rowe was there from the start of Shore Thang. I started the company in July 2018, but things didn’t really get serious until November 2018.

Kendra flew to LA in late November 2018 and we clicked right away. She ended up becoming a partner in the company. She always made the most money. Because we both live pretty close to the edge, it was often a bumpy ride.

I admired Kendra because she was “wild and free” and pretty much did whatever she wanted most of the time. Impulsivity is great in business and often leads to new places.

During the year+ we worked together, Kendra and I made a mountain of money together. She usually hustled up her own influencer deals to support her YouTube channel. Whatever Kendra and I learned working together, we shared with the other talent in the company roster.

From November 2018 until January 2020, Kendra and I accounted for over half of what the company earned.

Considering that the first few efforts to bring Heaven and Kendra into the company cost very little, compared to what we all earned, I look at our collaboration as a resounding success.

The name K-Ro and Shore Thang both came out of Kendra and I. We had a unique collaborative energy and interesting communication abilities. Very often, when we were hanging out together, we kinda knew what each were thinking and didn’t use many words to talk about what we were working on. We just sorta knew what the other person was thinking.

Out relationship kinda burned out near the end. I hold no grudges toward her. During the time we worked together Kendra and I traveled to Cancun and Rome. Kendra flew to LA about ten times, if memory serves.

Kendra is fiercely competitive and I expect that the experiences we shared will lead her to a richer, more successful life.

When Kendra started with me, she had like 6k instagram followers and had lost her YouTube channel to some nefarious Canadian “producers.”

Kendra is now a prominent YouTuber, a self-supported digital content creator, and semi-famous Canadian. I wish her well.

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